Tailored Cyber Security Defence

Our passion and experience deliver innovative Cyber Security solutions that are cost effectively tailored to protect your digital assets

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It's not all 'doom and gloom'

Too many participants in the Cyber Security industry perpetuate a climate of fear. Tantallon believe that, whilst the threats are very real, there are a range of cost effective activities that any organisation can successfully undertake that can dramatically improve their Cyber Defence.


  • 1 We Analyse your existing Cyber Defence and understand the context of the digital assets you’re trying to protect
  • 2 We then design an action plan to Optimise your existing investments in technology, processes and people
  • 3 Tantallon prides itself on bringing cost effective and proven Innovation to its clients, in the form of alternative approaches to solving Cyber Defence challenges
  • 4 Our legacy is a level of Cyber Protection within a client's environment that is tailored to an appropriate budget and the industry the client operates within


Our initial client engagement is primarily focussed on understanding the existing Cyber Defence environment, however, equal importance is given to understanding the Board’s risk appetite, available budget and the true value of the digital assets requiring protection. Often, vast expense is spent on protecting elements of a client’s environment which actually aren’t as valuable as originally thought.

Tantallon work with our clients to develop a ‘data context model’ of the operational environment; its existing protection and identify gaps against industry standard Cyber Security models. Once complete, we present our findings back to the Board so as they are equipped with a detailed knowledge of the risks they are running with the existing level of protection.

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Evolution – adopt a new mantra

Cyber criminals are continually evolving existing methods and creating altogether new attacks, whether it be via social engineering or exploiting undiscovered flaws in computer software. It is no longer acceptable for any Board to ignore these risks any longer and hence they should mandate both their own staff and external sources to continually evolve their own Cyber Defence.

Tantallon can assist any organisation adopt global best practice and hence ensure that their Cyber Security function is positioned to continually evolve.

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Tantallon regularly discover Cyber Defence investments that are either not efficiently configured/operationalised, or indeed do not protect all of the vital assets within a client’s environment. Given the expertise of our industry practitioners, we are able to evaluate existing Cyber Defence investments and their deployment against the results from our initial Analysis engagement.

Based on this, we put create an Optimisation plan to ensure that existing investments are harnessed to maximise their contribution to a true, multi-layered, Cyber Defence.

It is important to note that Tantallon’s recommendations on optimisation activities regularly include simple operational changes to existing and/or new processes. Whilst these are frequently relatively simple and cost effective to implement, they can make a substantial difference to the robustness of the existing Cyber Defence.

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Since its inception, Tantallon have continually scoured the globe in the search for new and innovative technologies that can enhance our world class, Cyber Defence reference architecture. All our partners are hand-picked for their: ability to solve a current and important business problem; innovative technology; quality Executive leadership and most importantly Tier 1 reference clients. The combination of these factors de-risks any technology deployment and brings highly differentiated innovation to our clients.

Tantallon’s ‘tech scouting’ activities are truly global in nature, with our Executive Team & Advisory Board continually evaluating innovative new offerings. The core aim is to relentlessly enhance our Cyber Defence reference architecture so as we can deliver the most comprehensive multi-layered protection to our clients

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Tantallon believe that adequate protection simply cannot be provided without a comprehensive, multi-layered defence being in place. However, protection, per se, needs to be provided in conjunction with a given client Board’s risk appetite and budget availability. By analysing all the digital assets within an organisation and establishing their ‘true’ value, appropriate levels of Cyber Defence can be applied. For instance, ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ protection can be applied to the risks against theft, or even destruction, of said assets, and perhaps a ‘Bronze’ level applied to those that have lower value.

Tantallon work with our clients to combine one or all of our Analyse, Optimise, Innovate and Protect services, ensuring that an optimal level of Cyber Defence is established, in line with the client’s risk appetite and budget.

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