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Are you the next Target?

For those of you who are now numb to the never ending news stream of IT Security breaches and credit card data exfiltrations in particular, ... Read more

Understand the business context of your data

Do you really know the business value of all your Data?  What is the value of your Data if exfiltrated by a determined attacker and placed i... Read more

Where does IT Security begin?

Ballintrae regularly engage with clients who do a great deal of application development, whether it be by internal teams, offshore developme... Read more

Innoculate Your Data

Yet another flurry of corporate security compromises hit the headlines, adding further pressure on the CISOs of the world's enterprise organ... Read more

The Demise of the Perimeter...

Just in the same way as the inventions of gunpowder and then artillery made castle walls obsolete, the traditional enterprise firewall perim... Read more

New Platform Allows Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

Identifying security threats before they become a major problem is now possible with The Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform which enables... Read more