”Dodd Frank in the Congo”: SEC and IT companies working together

Tantalum is a transition metal which is highly corrosion-resistant and widely used for capacitors used in mobile phones, DVD players and video games. Mining of Tantalum in war-torn Eastern Congo has led to many computer suppliers reviewing how they access Tantalum. The problem is that the majority of mines in the Eastern Congo are controlled by various militas & rebel groups. HP and Intel have taken a step forward in acquiring Tantalum elsewhere. They are ensuring they follow a conflict-free supply chains in order to obtain Tantalum for their components.

In August 2012, president Obama passed the SEC to ensure Dodd Frank contained a specific ruling for companies to disclose annually whether they source any materials from Democratic Republic of Congo.

Supply chains can be extremely complicated, particularly in global companies who have been through several mergers. It's difficult enough to keep track of current deals and supplier arrangements but what about those that have been inherited and in place for many years. There is no doubt this is a cross-industry problem.

Amongst other things, Dodd Frank ensures comprehensive regulation throughout the financial markets including transparency of trades into exchanges. At Ballintrae, we help organisations to understand any liabilities they may have with the exchanges by means of our Market Data Audits, in house Auditing Tools and deep-rooted knowledge of market data usage.

Help is at hand for those who need it!

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