Developing Talent Early

At the grand age of 49, I can just remember the BBC Microcomputer with strings of white text commands on a grey screen and then the flashing message "Hello World". Those days have moved on generations and the majority of us could no more fiddle with computer code than we could re-engineer the electrics in our car. The question is, does this matter?

From September British schools will have to teach pupils aged 5-16 how to create and manipulate computer code. George Osborne has announced £500,000 to train teachers; scholarships of £25,000 funded by Microsoft, Google, IBM and Facebook are being offered to computer science teachers.

This will make the UK the first G20 economy to implement coding teaching nationally; the idea being to fill the yawning skills gap and turbo-charge our booming tech industry.

So in the spirit of embracing the future a good friend of mine spent last Wednesday tapping letters and numbers into a laptop at Decoded, a swanky code education centre in East London. To her immense surprise, she built her own app in just one day.

At Ballintrae we believe in the development of young talent to ensure we have new energy and passion coming through our consultancy ranks, as well as developing new ideas and enhancements for our own in-house developed products. Indeed, we have embedded this into our organisation through our Talent team specifically looking for people who have a passion for continuous personal development and an in-built desire to keep up with technology developments.

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