New Platform Allows Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

Identifying security threats before they become a major problem is now possible with The Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform which enables organisations to get ahead of this evolving threat curve by conducting behavioural analysis.

Ballintrae partners with Darktrace

Ballintrae has formed a partnership agreement with Darktrace, the pioneering cyber-security business to help its financial services client to protect their data and data integrity. As the cyber security battle has become more complex, attacks are designed to hide and evolve within a system, effectively covering their own tracks. The Darktrace platform provides a highly innovative new approach to this type of threat. The technology offers the differentiated capability to identify network and security threats before they cause damage to the business making it a hugely powerful tool.

It's an expensive battle - but it's one we can win!

Ever increasing amounts of time and money are being spent on IT security in order to better protect networks and data from being compromised. Where legacy approaches have looked at resolving a problem after threats had already had an adversely impact on systems or data integrity, the Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform allows identification and mitigation of emerging threats as they begin to manifest themselves within the network.

Working together with Darktrace means that Ballintrae means financial services organisations will be better placed to protect themselves against cyber threats and detect the 'unknown unknowns'.​

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