Innoculate Your Data

Yet another flurry of corporate security compromises hit the headlines, adding further pressure on the CISOs of the world's enterprise organisations, along with resignations from some.  It would seem that no matter how much you invest, or who you are, there is no hiding place from a suitably motivated/funded attacker.

On the apparent assumption that if someone wants to exfiltrate your data, then they can do so at will.  So if you know that any data can be removed from your organisation, how do you protect yourself?

It is exactly this dilemna that has led to Ballintrae partnering with Secure Islands.  As world leading data classification and protection specialists, their platform effectively 'innocculates' your data, protecting it at creation and for the entire lifecycle of that data, either inside or outside of your Data Centre.  In this fashion, an organisation can encrypt unstructured data according to its own internal classification and hence protect it as and when an attacker exfiltrates it.

With Email, Office files, PDFs and other data forming circa 80% of a typical enterprise's data, Ballintrae deploy the Secure Islands platform to organisations who proactively want to protect their data.

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